The eyes play an important role in child development, which is why it’s critical to understand the need for comprehensive eye examinations for children—starting as young as 6-12 months old. Over time, a child’s eyes change in different ways. And when you consider that nearly 80% of learning occurs visually, it’s easy to see why vision health is so important to young, developing brains. While there’s no guarantee that clear vision will translate into perfect scores in school, proper eye care will help maintain vision health and increase a child’s learning potential.

Because children most often cannot convey or even realize they have a vision issue, comprehensive eye exams are highly recommended. It’s also important to be aware of when your child might have a vision issue. A few things to watch for include:

  • Is your child moving items closer in order to see?
  • Is your child showing decreased interest in “near” activities such as reading or coloring?
  • Is your child experiencing headaches?
  • Have you noticed your child squinting?

If you have noticed any of the symptoms listed above, it’s probably time your child had a thorough eye exam. While you can’t always know what your children are feeling, it’s a great comfort to know that their eyes are healthy and functioning properly.

If you have any questions about your child’s vision health or when you should schedule an exam, please feel free to contact our office and talk to one of our doctors.