Dry Eye Treatment

Have you struggled with eye dryness, irritation, light sensitivity, vision fluctuations, contact lens intolerance and eye fatigue? You may be a candidate for a new treatment called LipiFlow (watch video below to learn more).

Unlike traditional treatments (e.g., warm compresses, wetting drops and ointments) that address dry eye symptoms, LipiFlow treats the root cause, the obstructed Meibomian glands. The goal of unblocking the glands is to allow them to resume their natural production of lipids required for a healthy tear film.

In a controlled clinical trial, a majority of patients treated with LipiFlow reported an improvement in overall dry eye symptoms around 6–8 weeks post treatment.

If dry eye is hindering you from the activities you love, we are here to help. Please call or text us at 812-332-2020 or email us at info@precisioneye.com to schedule an appointment for a dry eye assessment.

References: 1 Lane SS, et al. A New System, the LipiFlow, for the Treatment of Meibomian Gland Dysfunction (MGD). Cornea 2012; 31:396-404



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